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1001 Ways new CD Dream come true
Released Now

The Album Dream come true form World Beat Fusion Project 1001 Ways
The aim was to create a musical fusion of electronic dance grooves combined with deep lyrics and 100's of years old ethnic instruments like Viola D'Amore, Dotara, Bamboo Flute and Sarod to name a few. This Dream Album includes fourteen of 1001 Ways songs and remixes of the eclectic and innovative world fusion sounds that will raise the indie world dance charts globally. The deep lyrics multicultural back ground will spread the message of Peace and nonviolence thru out the world.

Released 1001 Ways / Natural Mystic

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Natural Mystic (Bob Marley tribute) EP is an innovative organic mix of new original sounds, most surprising in 1001 Ways world beat version of Bob Marley's song "Natural Mystic", a great tribute to Bob Marley's legacy. Support our music and the message of peace now. Be the first to download this mystical sounds!

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Natural Mystic (Bob Marley) by 1001 Ways - official release  Bay Now 

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Historical music album feat. the original voice of
 Mahatma Gandhi combined with the latest World Fusion
 sounds, is breaking borders of cultures and styles.

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Music by Ozomatli, 1001Ways,
Toshi Reagon, DJ Logic, and Yaya Daillo

Peacepod: the Gandhi Tour and 100 years of Mahatma Gandhi's Nonviolence
movement, with Dr. Arun Gandhi.

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Review of "Gandhi (radio mix)" by ritt  5.0
1001 Ways - musical world
Hi, in a musical world influenced by everything from it's past and confused about it's future.
you have crated an originally addictive genre, desperate to emerge and beautiful to behold...

California, United States
Review of "Gandhi (radio mix)" by 9thwardbloodbrothaz  5.0
sounds good
This is one of the best mixing jobs i have heard on here thus far. I like the mellow smooth vibe of this song. I'm loving the flutes and drums (very Indian!), and the Gandhi voice sets it off. The message is very powerful and needs to be heard. Good job on this track, keep em coming.
Louisiana, United States
Review of "Gandhi (radio mix)" by sorin  4.0
Good lyrics!!!Good mix,i like the stereo pan of the hi hats!!!Very easy to listen!!!Good work!!!
South Africa
Review of "Gandhi (radio mix)" by zig  4.0
1001 ways
the beat is lovely...just soothing and relaxing, calming and smooth. great use of inspiring messages from Gandhi! I am a big fan of this kind of music and believe in and totally support it...GREAT JOB. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...
Texas, United States
Review of "Gandhi (radio mix)" by haqimomarq  4.0
Hey man
The Lyrics that you provide is a massage and a solution to the people which in this modern society is much needed,to know the enemy of a human is its dark side of him/herself.Furthermore,which contain Love and light in it.11:11.
Instrumentally,the vinay and the indian drum mix with modern instrument fit balancely good.Traditional indian instrument does connect with the human soul much deep.
The melody repeatition is good,it would be better if there's female vocal humming and a breakdown in the song.make vinay more stands out and he must create a better improvisation than repeatition.hey cool man :) keep on

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CD Gandhi by 1001 Ways, feat. Mahatma Gandhi

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