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Age of Aquarius..Let The Sun Shine In

Age of Aquarius..Let The Sun Shine In

The Dawn of the Age of Aquarius - The Planetary Alignment and the Famous Song Harmonize!

The famous song "Aquarius" from the
musical "Hair" declares when the Age of Aquarius will begin. Those
conditions are now fulfilled. A planetary line-up at the last full moon
of 2007 provides more evidence that the Aquarian Age begins this year!

Sunday, June 13, 2010 Rosh Codesh

Six of the largest planets in 'Our' Solar System...will begin their procession into a 'balanced' alignment ! Along with the Sun, their combined gravitational pull offers an enormous contribution to a phenomenal event !

Planets Align on Rosh Chodesh

More insights on the benefits to 'LightWorkers: Haroun Kola

'Our' Common Ground World Community site:

Here is 'more' on the Giant 'T ' Shaped "Alignment from:
"Evolution Made Easier"

The Alchemy of 2010..By: Earth Keeper Chronicles...

'Our' own Common Ground World news link page on facebook:

my personal facebook profile:

And...Don't Forget...To
"Let The Sun Shine In" !

Your brother


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